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Hellhole Ratrace - Girls

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Excuses - The Morning Benders

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40 Day Dream - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


Beach House | New Year

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11th Dimension - Julian Casablancas

Actor Out Of Work - St. Vincent


Black Mirror (Andrew Maury Remix) - Arcade Fire


Arctic Monkeys | Dancing Shoes


Zulu Winter - “Bitter Moon”

RIYL: Of Monsters and Men, Arcade Fire, The Graduate, Vampire Weekend

Zulu Winter just released their debut album, Language, in the UK, their home country, and will release it in the US next month.  “Bitter Moon” is definitely my favorite track.  It has a cool sing-a-long feel to it and is made even more epic because of Will Daunt’s vocals.  This is the kind of music I like to think of as “night time” rock - the kind of music that sounds even better when you’re speeding down a highway late at night.  Over the past several months, Zulu Winter have released a series of really good singles, and this new full length totally delivers.

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Chicago - Sufjan Stevens

I made a lot of mistakes. Regrets linger in my mind from time to time, wishing I could go into the past and change the outcome. However, all things go. Even regrets wither away because I realize that whatever went wrong in the past was an invaluable lesson that has made me a better person. All things go. Every thing in our lives has a beginning and an end. Even though it’s sometimes hard, I try to live in the moment because I never know when it will all end.

“I made a lot of mistakes, in my mind, in my mind.”